LabChirp 1.25 released!

Posted 2015-03-25 19:14:57

I have released a new version of LabChirp!
Download it here!
List of changes can be found on the download page.
Try it out! And let me know what you think!

So what am I gonna do now?
I'm gonna make another game. But this time, I'll be using C++ and OpenGL! I haven't done that before, so I guess I will struggle a bit...
This game is gonna take a while to complete. I'll tell you more about it later I guess...

Have a cool day today!



    Thanks so much!

  • Gord -

    Thank you for this awesome program!

  • MrDywar -

    Thanks you man, your program is awesome.

  • Bindesh -

    Thank you very much for the LabChirp app and musics with CC license. I am going to use "Inside I Roar 6.xm" music in my app with proper credits and links to this website.

  • Labbed -

    That's cool, Bindesh! I'm looking forward to playing it ;)

  • Sandro -

    You sir, are great! Thank you.

  • Mitchell Productions -

    I enjoyed this tool a lot since July 2016, and it had a major influence in my sound effect library that I was building on my Freesound profile. To contribute to this program, I have a feature request: Custom waveforms being toggled between envelope mode (standard) and classic mode. The classic mode is supposed to look like the waveform editor on Chip32 (a VST plugin), with the waveform being 32 columns long and the amplitude being 16 heights total (8 high, 8 low). Besides this, thank you for these several years of this program, and I hope that you can continue this amazing work.

  • Labbed -

    Thank you Mitchell! I've added your suggestion to my backlog, and I'll consider it for a future update.

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