SASOD 1.05 released!

Posted 2015-10-11 20:08:19

I've made some updates to SASOD.
I noticed a quite serious bug where you wouldn't make it to the highscore list when you beat the game, only if you got a game over. I broke that feature when fixing something else and I didn't notice. Sorry!
While I was at it, I added/changed some other stuff! Check out the changelog on the download page!

I hope you'll enjoy!

Have a cheerful day today!


  • brent cartwright -

    is that an arbitrary waveform creator in lab chirp ?
    i sure want one, for experimentation, but i dont see any levels.--peace hope love,
    and thanks

  • brent -
    this cool ?

  • Labbed -

    Hello Brent.
    With LabChirp you can create your own custom waveform where you define its points. Select the waveform "Custom" and then click the button labeled "Custom" under the waveform selector to edit its points.
    I guess it doesn't follow any traditional AWG rules. I'm not familiar with those.

    I haven't heard of Falasol Timbre. I'll check it out.

  • brent cartwright -

    well you cant build it to any math spec, but awg construction is fairly uncommon since all timbre's are built with sinusoids, and all wave forms (saw, square, triangle)are built with sin's, but some timbre's have sin's that are not exactly common. how hard would it be to make that custom waveform drawable. ? did you enjoy falasol ? peace hope love---Doc

  • Labbed -

    Hi again Brent!
    I played around with Falasol a bit. Quite a nice tool to experiment with! I think LabChirp is a better choice for sound effect creation, but it is not built around AWG functions so if you wanna experiment with those, go with Falasol.

  • brent cartwright -

    thanks !!! let me know if you come up with anything new !!
    peace hope love

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