LabChirp 1.50 released!

Posted 2018-12-06 18:10:59

A new version of LabChirp is now available!
Download it here!
The most notable change is the addition of the Effects tab. Read full changelog on the download page.

The readme/manual has also been improved. You will find it included in the download, or online here. Read it to get the most out of LabChirp! Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new?

Now go make some amazing sound effects!

Have a sweet day today!


  • Pavan Kumar -

    Thanks, I was looking for an update. The new manual is cool, hope I will make better sounds after reading that. I will notify you when I make and use sounds from LabChirp in my games.

    Can I use your music in my games, even if the games are not free?

  • Labbed -

    Hello Pavan! And thanks!

    Yes, you can use my music in your projects even if you're not releasing them for free. Just make sure you credit me somewhere inside the project itself or on a download page or similar. Something small is enough, like "Music by Labbed" and maybe a link if appropriate.

    Please keep me updated on your projects. I love seeing how others use LabChirp and my music!

  • Pavan Kumar -

    Cool, I'm even inspired by your album art, I think I can make a game on that theme. But time is the hardest thing to get, how do you manage your time?

  • Labbed -

    Haha, indeed, time is precious!
    I usually find time to work on LabChirp/games/music during weekends, and sometimes in the evenings of workdays if I feel like it.
    Perhaps I'm spending a bit too much time on reading webcomics, watching YouTube and playing video games, but those are also important to keep my spirits up, so I don't think I would be able to remove those from my life to get more time with my projects.

  • Hn -

    I want to play this game

  • Erik -

    I had fun with sasod, very nice!

  • Axel -

    I love you games

  • Axel -

    I love you games

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